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An Adventure in Creativity

An Adventure in Creativity

"Who would have thought you could do the things you really love? The beauty of creativity is that you don't know where it's going to take you."

Tina Wilson's mum, Joan, sits by a window. She's smiling and is surrounded by her colourful knitted toys and creatures.
So begins one of my favourite stories in Volume 2
An Adventure in Creativity is a wonderfully heartwarming story about Tina Wilson's creation of her children's book Afloat in Venice, the first in the Monkey's Great Adventures series. Tina's mum, pictured above, is an amazing knitter and this unique shared project between her and Tina has brought them closer together.
You can find the story on page 55 of Volume 2. Haven't got a copy yet? Never fear, you can grab one here.
If you have got a copy, which story have you loved most so far? You can let us know by snapping a pic and tagging us @yarnologiemag.