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Yarnologie welcomes submissions - if you think you have a story worth telling, we want to know about it. To give your submission the best chance of being accepted, read our tips for a successful story pitch below.


We're interested in receiving stories about creative people and places. Yarnologie covers a broad range of topics & crafts, as long as yarn is involved. Our style is conversational, positive and inspiring.


Stories about personal experiences or interviews will always be considered. We don't publish political pieces or stories with a political undertone.


Ways you can contribute

Please contact us for a copy of our Submission Guidelines & Deadlines before pitching your idea/sending in your submission. It contains the information you need along with our terms & conditions.

1. Writers 
We are currently looking for more freelance writers to contribute to each issue of Yarnologie. Your contribution could be a series on garment knitting, a one-off piece on your experience learning to crochet - if it's about yarn and matches our style, we'd love to see it!

2. How-To/Tutorials
We publish a step-by-step tutorial in each issue of Yarnologie. Tutorials cover knitting and crochet techniques, how to use tools, etc.
Please let us know what kind of tutorial you'd like to submit before going to the work to photograph/write it, as we may have published that technique already.

We also publish articles and series that are informative and educational (for example our Know Your Yarn series).


Never sent a submission before? Don't worry - we don't bite! Scroll on for some tips on submitting to Yarnologie.

Tips for Submitting a Story, Article or Tutorial to Yarnologie

Before writing a story, have a look through some past issues of the magazine. If you think your story is something Yarnologie readers would enjoy, please contact us for the Submission Guidelines. The guidelines contain information such as article type & style, word counts, terms, etc. Please take the time to read through the guidelines before submitting your story.

To give your submission the best chance at being accepted, do the following:

- In the case of stories send us your finished piece & accompanying photographs. We need to see what we'll be publishing to be able to give it proper consideration.

- In the case of a tutorial/how-to send us a well composed outline & an example of your work (i.e a link to a blog post tutorial you've previously published). This allows us to see your writing & photography style.

- If you have an idea for a series you'd like to submit, send us a well composed outline & an example of your work (this can be a blog post - you don't need to have been published before!) .


Timeline: We work several months in advance of each issue's publication. It can take several weeks for your submission to be considered, so please be patient in hearing back from us. You'll be informed ASAP on whether your submission has been accepted or not.

Pattern Designers

If you're a designer who would like your pattern to be considered for a feature in our Project Inspiration Library, please contact us with the relevant information and link to where the pattern can be purchased.

Please note: We don't publish patterns inside the magazine, but simply feature already published patterns in a library, with outside links to where the pattern can be purchased.

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