Tips for a successful story pitch

Tips for a successful story pitch

At Yarnologie, we're always open for submissions!

We're interested in receiving stories about creative people and places. Yarnologie covers a broad range of topics & crafts, as long as yarn is involved. Our style is conversational, positive and inspiring.

We don't bite, so please don't be shy about getting in touch. Even when we have to say no, please know that we do it after a great deal of consideration on your piece.

Sending in a story idea or submission can be scary, especially if it's the first time you've done it. Here are some tips for submitting to Yarnologie - we hope they give you the confidence to have a bash at writing your article!


1. Know the publication you're writing for

Before writing a story, have a look through some past issues of the magazine. This goes for any publication!

An Editor can tell very quickly if you've never so much as glanced at a copy before. Even if you can't get hold of a copy to look through, at least take the time to get to know the publication. Checking out their socials and having a read through their website will give you an idea of the style and voice.


2. Send the finished piece, or a very detailed pitch

If we haven't worked with you before, it's best to send in the finished piece. A vague pitch can always sound promising but it's your writing style we need to see. 

You'd be surprised how many times we're offered amazing articles only to either never receive the finished piece, or receive something very different than the pitch.

We can't accept your submission on a pitch alone.

To give your submission the best chance, please:

  • Send the finished article (a word document is the best format)
  • Include the accompanying photographs; if they're very large simply use a file sharing platform such as DropBox.


3. Submitting for a Tutorial

Tutorials are an exception to the finished-piece rule. We don't want you to go to the work of creating a how-to only to discover that we've already published that technique.

In the case of a tutorial/how-to send us a well composed outline & an example of your work (i.e a link to a blog post tutorial you've previously published). This allows us to see your writing & photography style.

4. Newbies welcome

You don't need to have been published before to be published in Yarnologie. Ultimately we're looking for well-composed stories about interesting topics or tales, accompanied by print-quality photographs.


5. Keep the timeline in mind

We work several months in advance of each issue's publication. It can take several weeks for your submission to be considered, so please be patient in hearing back from us. You'll be informed ASAP on whether your submission has been accepted or not.

If you think your story is something Yarnologie readers would enjoy, please contact us for the Submission Guidelines. The guidelines contain information such as article type & style, word counts, terms, etc. Please take the time to read through the guidelines before submitting your story.


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