My Year of Yarn 2021 - Join Us!

My Year of Yarn 2021 - Join Us!

Do you find at the end of each year there are projects you wish you had accomplished or a skill you wish you had learned? It’s so easy to always put everything on the ‘one-day’ list. 

At Yarnologie we want 2021 to be the year we get those things off the 'one-day' list and make them happen. With this in mind, we're excited to announce "My Year of Yarn" - a fun workbook and guide we have designed to help you achieve your making goals in 2021. This isn't a challenge, another make-along or something with a tight deadline.

This is a helpful year-long project that's going to help YOU kick your yarn making goals this year no matter how big or small - or what else you've already committed to!

Whether you knit, crochet, spin or weave, we have decided to make 2020 the Yarnologie ‘My Year of Yarn’ #myyearofyarn and YOU are invited to join in.

This is the time for you to plot, plan and decide what your yarnish aspirations and goals are for the next twelve months.

To join in all you have to do is download your FREE Guidebook & Worksheets here.


What is My Year of Yarn?

In a nutshell, My Year of Yarn is designed to help you achieve your making goals by simply:

- Guiding you through the planning process
- Helping you to set an achievable, doable goal
- Giving you a method to track your progress + reach success

You can also get social on Instagram and join our Facebook Group where we'll host a check in post each Friday.

I can't wait to get started! How can I join?

We have kept this whole process simple and stress-free! To join in all you have to do is download your FREE Guidebook & Worksheets here.

What is the Guide Book?

The Guide will help you determine what your goals are for 2021 and how best to achieve them. Life is full of distractions and we know all too well how easy it is to have a knitting/crochet to-do list that never seems to get any attention. 

The worksheets will focus on helping you to pinpoint what your most important goals are, and how to achieve them at a reasonable pace. This isn’t a 12-projects-in-12-months blitz, but a sustainable way to make your creative goals happen. If you've already committed to another make-along or other big project you can use My Year of Yarn to help you make that goal happen.

We also know that being part of a community is a great motivator, so the Guide Book also contains information on how you can join in and connect with other makers online.

We're so excited to be sharing this with you, it's going to be loads of fun!

Join here for free.

If you have any questions about joining My Year of Yarn please feel free to contact us.

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